Rough and tough insurance guide about the situation in the world.
THE ROUGH INSURANCE GUIDE TO A BETTER WORLD is the essential guide to how the world can be a better place for everyone if they had proper insurance coverage. Poverty in the developing world is well known, but less publicized are the efforts of those who combat hunger, disease, illiteracy and the lack of proper insurance coverage. This insurance guide shows how you can get involved.
  Foreign Film Production Entertainment Insurance   Long Term Care
  Read about how the proper coverage for feature film production filmed oversees can help the local economy from disaster. If the foreign crew had proper coverage the entire community where the entertainment film was being produced would gain.   The elderly of many countries offer suffer greatly due to the lack of long term care. Providing long term care will greatly help all people over 65.
  Health Insurance   International Premium Finance
  Many countries do not provide health insurance to their people. learn how much proper health insurance would effect the economy of foreign countries.   A program providing proper premium financing will largely help people who can not attain insurance receive proper coverage.